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    Dry Cured / Sweet Cured / Smoked Streaky Rashers

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    Dry Cured / Smoked Back Rashers

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Dry Aging
Finest Quality Meat

Only the finest quality meat is used in Hugh Maguires, a tradition that has stood the test of time since 1991

From his mother’s kitchen to his smokehouse, Hugh Maguire, The Smokin’ Butcher, is a seasoned butcher with over 30 years’ experience.



Dry Aging
The Process


0° to 4 °C


Humidity 61-85 %


Shrinkage rates 6-15%

Dry aging is the process where beef carcasses or primal cuts are hanged and aged for 28 days under controlling environment conditions in a refrigerated room with 0° to 4 °C and with relative humidity of 61-85%.

Patrick Kickham

Just ate another steak from Hugh Maguire butchers and I can safely say that it is the best steak I have ever eaten!! Hugh hand cut it himself and the garlic butter to top it off is amazing!!!

Multi-Award Winning

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Hugh Maguires Shepherds Pie

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