The Smokin' Butcher


From his mother’s kitchen to his Navan smokehouse, Hugh Maguire, “The Smokin’ Butcher”, is a seasoned butcher with over 30 years’ experience. Hugh’s multi-award winning Smoked Black Pudding is a perfect mix of traditional Irish, Mediterranean style cooking and charcuterie methods. Throughout the years, Hugh has built up a solid reputation nationwide in the butchery business through his creativity with pork products. He has travelled much of Europe in order to learn more different products and production methods, from the French Boudin Noir to the Spanish Morcilla, picking up many tips and tricks along the way. Hugh’s multi award-winning Smoked Black Pudding, symbolises his passion, his roots, his days back at his mother’s kitchen and is his most exciting and innovative product to date. To get your hands on our unique Smokin’ Butcher range, click below and head to our Online store!

Crafted in his Navan smokehouse, Hugh has always prided himself on his black pudding recipe as it is one of the very few Irish black puddings that are 100% natural, using fresh pigs’ blood and natural pork casing.

There are no artificial additives or preservatives and his signature ingredients are pinhead oatmeal, fresh onion, garlic, a selection of seasoning's and Himalayan pink salt.

But the most significant part of this pudding however, is the unique smoking process, with a slow smoke using Beechwood chips the pudding has a uniquely light smoked flavour.