Your Local Craft Butcher

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your local craft butcher

Your local Craft Butcher

The Month of December is every Craft Butchers busiest time of the year. Customers come to the Butcher shop in December because they know they are buying quality food from an experienced craft butcher.  However, after the month of December most local craft Butchers throughout Ireland experience a major drop off in customers for the remaining 11 months.

As a craft Butcher, this is worrying.

People have started to buy cheaper meats in supermarkets. This negatively affects Irish farmers who supply supermarkets, your local economy and the quality of the meat.

As a Butcher, we pay a fair price for our livestock and meat, knowing that the farmer got a fair price. We ensure that all the meat we sell is good quality and Irish. Can the Supermarket say the same?

In years gone by, we went to our local farms and hand-picked our livestock, which some of us still do. Your local craft Butcher knows the quality of the meat just by looking at the animal grazing in a field. This is also becoming a forgotten skill!

Craft Butchers are competing against supermarkets, and this shouldn’t be the case.

The butcher’s art requires a lot of skill. A Craft Butcher is able to break down a whole animal and respect it. He or she is able to make Sausages, Black Pudding, White Pudding, Dry Cured Bacon, Dry-aged meat, Pate etc.

A real Craft Butcher can make all of these things without relying on mass production to make for him or her. Your local Butcher understands the whole process – something a supermarket doesn’t. This means that a butcher should be able to slaughter an animal and be able to produce as many products as possible.

Next time you’re in a supermarket, check the ingredients of the Black Pudding or Sausages. Check to see how many unnatural preservatives it contains and how Black pudding sold in Supermarkets no longer contains real Pigs Blood. Then, go into your local craft butcher and ask them what’s in their Black Pudding or Sausages. You’ll be surprised!

We make our products by hand, from recipes that we either learned from experience or recipes that have been passed down through generations.

This is what we are about – producers of homemade Artisan Craft products!

Hugh Maguire “The Smokin Butcher

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