The Smokin’ Butcher’s 1st Masterclass

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Love Food ? Want to sharpen up your Culinary skills  ?


On the 27th of March we had our very first Smokin’ Butcher masterclass.  Hugh Maguire, the “Smokin’ Butcher” known for his Butchery expertise welcomed guests into his shop to learn about the art of Butchery.

Guests first got to learn about the different methods of sharpening knives before moving onto “nose to tail” butchery. Knife sharpening may seem like a basic skill. However, its a fundamental skill in kitchens and Butcher shops around the world.

Hugh The Smokin’ Butcher

Breaking Down the side of Pork

Breaking down the side of pork requires a lot of knowledge on the anatomy of a pig. Reviewing the anatomy, Guests got to work with the Smokin’ Butcher’s favourite cuts of pork, exploring the purity of traditional butchery.

Modern Butchers today may not know how to break down a whole Pig. It’s a skill that’s becoming forgotten, Hugh believes it’s important to know the whole anatomy. Understanding different Pork cuts can allow the user to create more diverse, authentic meals.

For example, Pigs ears can be boiled and then fried creating beautiful crisp fries. This may sound strange, Pigs ears, known as “Mimigaa”  is a Chinese delicacy.

The Smokin’ Butcher breaking down the side of Pork.

While breaking down the side of Pork, Hugh Focused on the shoulder. Pealing back the bone revealing the neck, The neck fillet was then carved out. This tender piece of meat is what is used to create the Award winning 3 star Great Taste Collar of Bacon. With many of the Smokin’ Butchers awards coming from Pork, Guests got to observe and work with these authentic cuts.

Dry Curing Bacon

The Dry Curing process takes a number of weeks. Guests got to dry cure their own Collar with guidance. By carefully weighing out the cure mix and messaging the mix into the Collar of Bacon, Hugh brought the guests through the stages of Dry Curing. It’s important to get each stage right as it directly effects the end product.  The Cured Collar is then hung up for Eight weeks until the Collar of Bacon is ready for consumption.


The Curing process.

Interested in attending the next Masterclass?

It’s well noted that butchery serves cookery, each Masterclass will teach you that no cut of meat is out of your culinary reach. The Smokin’ Butchers Masterclass’s provides you with the knowledge that is required to break down a pig, cure your own bacon, learn valuable butchery skills and more ! News on the next Masterclass, coming soon.




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