Is eating meat important ?

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The benefits

With more and more people trying out new trends like Veganism we feel its important to share the importance of meat in your diet. To start Veganism is; To refrain from consuming animal products, meat, eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived substances. The idea of eating meat is slowly in decline. Most people who just eat plant based diets consider vegetables, fruits and other plant based protein to be superior. However, this argument is failing to look at the quality of protein and nutrients that meat contains. Meat also important for carrying out vital metabolic functions.


For starters, Meat contains large amounts of quality protein. Protein is an essential building block, it helps the body to build tissues as well as the production of important antibodies that can help protect us from infections –  strengthens the immune system. Red meat is also a huge source of essential amino acids – ranking it as one of the best sources of protein.


Meat is rich in many nutrients which is important to keep us healthy. It is rich in Iron, selenium and Zinc. Iron helps to form hemoglobin that transports oxygen around our body, selenium breaks down fat and chemicals already in our body while Zinc helps tissue formation and metabolism.


Vitamins can be over looked when we talk about the importance of meat. Most people already know that meat is a good source of protein. However, meat also contains important vitamins such as, Vitamin A B and D. These vitamins help our body by supporting the central nervous system, promoting strong teeth, bones also our largest organ – our skin.


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