I was lucky enough to win a leg of lamb here in a recent fb competition . It was absolutely delicious as is all the produce in this shop. We are very lucky in Ashbourne to have a butchers selling such high quality & good value meat. Highly recommend Hugh Maguire Butchers.

A great butchers shop with fantastic staff, really friendly and I enjoy my visits with them. All kinds of tastes catered for, from various culinary groups, spice or herb or plain. Their steak is amazing, pulled pork or dry cured bacon all gorgeous and simple to cook. Huge selection of sauces, spices, and dressings also well worth checking out. A great asset to the village to have an old fashioned butchers shop with a massive modern day approach to meat dishes. Well done all.

I picked up some smoked black and white pudding today, it was easily the best pudding I’ve ever tasted.

Best Turkey Burgers I’ve ever tasted! I’m not a fan of turkey in any form so struggle with this element of a high protein healthy diet. This is a game changer for me – a simply delicious protein source ! #highprotein #yummyturkeyburgers #healthy

Great butchers with very friendly staff who are very knowledgeable.

Lovely staff! Loving the turkey burgers, they’re gluten free too which is a bonus for me.

Wouldn’t buy my meat anywhere else. Keep up the good work lads, super fiver Friday deals, big fan of premium mince beef… excellent quality, not a drop of grease comes off it…

Excellent quality, great service with a village friendly feel. I always shop for my meat here, consistently superb.

We always buy our meat from Hugh Maguire.  It’s fab especially the marinated leg off lamb. They have a wide range to choose from. The staff are so helpful and friendly too.

Some of the finest meats in Ireland. His Charcuterie is amazing. I know Hugh recently won awards for his smoked puddings and meats and they are fantastic but for me it’s the

beef. I’ve got beef previously from Hugh that has been hung for 6 weeks. Today I got a dry aged tbone from William that was the best I have ever eaten. Absolutely fantastic. The aging process accentuates the flavours in the meat and helps to tenderise it. The new equipment has taken this process up a level. Look for the dry aged steaks guys!!!!