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t was on Hughs family farm in Bellewstown Co.Meath, where his mother Josephine Maguire, first introduced him to the basic but critical culinary skills and methods.

He still remembers himself, his father and uncles, butchering their own pig, breaking it down from nose to tail, curing the pork and eventually producing their own sausages, puddings and rashers. It was from this early exposure to the pig, that Hugh developed a love for butchery but in particular the curing and smoking processes of pork.

One of his fondest memories is working alongside his mother Josie, in the back kitchen of their farm house. He remembers the sweet smells of the seasoning’s being added to the fresh black pudding mix, as he helped Josie stir the necessary ingredients in with the pork he previously helped break down with his Father, Liam

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