Our Story


Who is Hugh Maguire?

Known throughout Ireland as a leading member of the craft butcher fraternity, Hugh Maguire has won numerous awards for his sausages, dry cured rashers and black & white puddings over the years. Hugh has a love and passion for really good food and the greatest respect for Ireland’s raw, basic ingredients. After building up a long and established career working in many high-class butcher shops in 1991 he opened his first Butcher Shop in Navan, Co. Meath, with the philosophy of providing the best locally sourced meat at value to his loyal customer base. In 2016, Hugh purchased a smoke house in Navan, where he began smoking some of his own products and, drawing on his award winning traditional black pudding, the smoked black pudding and The Smokin’ Butcher were born.


Our Team

Hugh Maguire and his team are dedicated and passionate about local, fresh and innovative Irish produce. With a passion for excellence, they are known for going above and beyond for their customers, anticipating their needs, creating and providing only the best possible product for each and everyone of them. Each day, they deliver the highest quality products, working with a combination of traditional artisan and modern techniques.


Our Vision

Hugh’s flair for food craft and product innovation, pushes him ahead of the rest. In 2016, his fascination and love for working with pork specifically, encouraged him to purchase his own smokehouse and production unit in Navan, Co. Meath. Hugh hopes to continue, crafting unique artisan pork products and pass on all of his knowledge to the next generation, his son Hugh Junior.

At Hugh Maguire Butchers, our vision is to be THE place for those looking for excellence in all things meat.

In store, we aim to create that village feel experience, that reflects that of the old, traditional, Irish butcher who is as reliable and skilled as ever.

We consistently aim to create a shop space that is always innovating, improving and diversifying our product range.

We strive to keep ahead of the industry trends and drivers , by relying on a combination of modern and traditional food innovations.

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