Hugh Maguire, The Smokin’ Butcher

Artisan Craft Butcher and Business Owner

It was on Hughs family farm in, Bellewstown Co.Meath where his mother, Josephine Maguire, first introduced him to the basic but critical culinary skills and methods.  He still remembers himself, his father and uncles, butchering their own pig, breaking it down from nose to tail, curing the pork and eventually producing their own sausages, puddings and rashers. It was from this early exposure to the pig, that Hugh developed a love for butchery but in particular the curing and smoking processes of pork. The Smokin’ Butcher is born.

He fell in love with this farm to table process, where with the right care and attention, the pork was transformed into the same award winning black pudding he sells to his own customers today. From here, Hugh’s passion and deep understanding for food and food creativity developed. In 1982, it influenced his decision to abandon prospects of becoming a farmer and instead, begin a career as a butcher.

After building up a long and established career working for many high-class shops in Drogheda, Tullamore and Navan, Hugh opened his first Butcher Shop in Trimgate Street, Navan, Co. Meath in 1991. At that time, Hugh was one of a new generation of butchers who was determined to maintain the traditional art of his craft despite huge competition from big business.

To stand out from the crowd, Hugh knew he needed to develop his own products , that were unique and hard acts to follow. Travelling Europe and experiencing different food cultures, production and charcuterie methods inspired Hugh to bring his locally supplied, top quality meat to another level. Therefore, it was from out the back of his small butcher shop in Navan, Hugh would work into the small hours , developing his passion for new product development working with pork specifically.

He entered many competitions in the hope of gaining some recognition for his ideas and would endure this trial and error process for weeks, months and for some products even years. Fortunately, his efforts were met with good reward as today he is known nationwide for his award winning traditional and speciality sausages, rashers and black/white puddings.

Hugh’s philosophy is about providing the best locally sourced meat, thereby supporting local producers and guaranteeing quality, traceability and value to his long established and loyal customer base. Hugh believes the success of the business is due to having a great understanding of modern consumer habits and truly believing the customer is ‘King’.

In 2016, Hugh purchased a smoke house in Navan, where he began smoking some of his own products and, drawing on his award winning traditional black pudding, the smoked pudding and The Smokin’ Butcher were born.

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Hugh Junior




Masters in their trade, the butcher team in Hugh Maguire’s play the advisory role with excellence. Under the watchful eye of Hugh and William, the team continues to expand and develop both in numbers and in knowledge.