MJs Top 6 practical tips for keeping healthy in the lead up to Christmas

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Practical tips to help you stay healthy in the lead up to Christmas and throughout the festive period.

1.     Keep the treats at a minimum as best you can until the week of Christmas.

If you buy tubs of Celebrations and Roses now, put them away somewhere you won’t see them every day. Out of sight out of mind, is what they say.  This way you can take them out Christmas Eve and enjoy them guilt free.

2.    Swap out bought in treats with healthy home-made alternatives !

With kids around it can be hard to keep them away from sweets and chocolate. Instead of giving them sweets at home, how about baking some with them. Not only are home baked treats better for them but also it’s a nice activity to do together that they will associate with Christmas memories for years to come. Try oat and raisin cookies  or avocado brownies! (believe me these are to die for).

3.    Enjoy your gin but stay hydrated too!

For the adults, alcohol can be the biggest temptation to avoid over Christmas. There’s seems to be more and more parties we must attend to, and we all need a glass of wine after a busy day of shopping. Everyone can enjoy a drink, but it’s over doing that can add up the calories and dehydrate us. If you are going out that night, drink plenty of water throughout the day, we should be aiming over 2Litres each day. Drink water between alcoholic drinks to keep you hydrated and to avoid that dreaded hangover the next day. Be mindful of what you are drinking too, those cocktails look pretty but can hold a large proportion of your daily calorie intake.

4.    Aim for balance – enjoy yourself but don’t go over board!

Speaking of hangovers, the next day we all need that bit of extra soakage. What better place to get your hangover feed, than Hugh Maguires. You have all your fry up needs and you know they are top quality and most important totally tasty. My motto is all about balance so enjoy your fry up and for the rest of the day keep your meals relatively healthy.

5.    Portion Control

My top tip on keeping meals healthy would be to have a palm sized portion of protein, a fist sixed portion of carbohydrates and half of your plate filled up with veggies (try to have one portion of leafy green veg).

6.    Move more!

Over Christmas can be a great way to clear the head and get the whole family outside and active. Simply going for a nice walk after those turkey sandwiches, is enough to keep us moving and not become couch potatoes over the festive period.


Remember Christmas is all about enjoyment and taking part in all social occasions. A few days of indulgence won’t ruin your healthy regime you’ve kept up throughout the year, be mindful of when you start the Christmas celebrations and keep a common sense approach (when possible ;))

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