Meet the farmers behind your free range Turkey and Geese!

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Hugh amongst Bronze Turkeys in Maperath Farm

Whether you are having the traditional turkey or maybe opting for the on-trend Christmas goose at this years festive feast, wouldn’t you feel better knowing where it comes from? And not just that, knowing that the animals are reared and raised in a traditional, natural environment that allows them to roam about freely.


Our Free Range White Turkeys : Bertram & Celine Salter in Fenagh, Co. Carlow

We take pride in sourcing our produce from local and quality suppliers. Thats why we get our white free range turkeys from Salters in Co.Carlow. Salters farm like us are passionate about ethical farming and animal welfare. They ensure the animals have access to fresh vegetation and grains grown right on their own farm. This environment means the animals are brought up stress free and live a happy life. The geese are grown slowly to maturity and in prime condition. They are prepared the traditional way-dry plucked and hung for 7-10 days which allows the natural flavours to develop.

Our Organic Turkeys, Free Range Bronze Turkeys and Geese

From Maperath Farm, just outside Kells, Co.Meath,  farmer Eoin Sharkey gives his turkeys – and geese too – a chance to live their lives in greener pastures; slow rearing them on locally sourced natural feeds, allowing them to forage freely, and to feast on complimentary extras like apples and hops,the byproduct of a local brewery.

Eoin only offers bronze turkeys for Christmas, as it is actually the most traditional bird and Maperath love the flavour and quality it delivers – white birds were the result of commercialism in the 1970’s.

“Our birds are outside from dawn until dusk from six weeks old until the end when they leave us a birds that have had a happy free life, eating as much natural feed as they want and whenever they want it.” Eoin comments from a article just last year.

The main source of feed is barley and wheat, which Eoin and wife Olivia Duff have ground freshly by their neighbouring tillage farmers . The birds also have a foraging crop, fallen apples, and the used hops from the local BRU brewery which finishes them really well.


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