Meet the Butcher – William Maguire

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Meet the Butcher

I’m William Maguire, store manager here in Ashbourne, Co, Meath. I started Butchery in 1991 working as a butcher’s apprentice under my brother Hugh, on Trimgate Street, Navan. I have been a butcher for almost 30 years, lucky for me, I love what we do.

Growing up on a farm definitely shaped my career path. I gained in-depth knowledge of animal welfare and had quick foresight when it came to choosing only the best quality meat – beef, lamb, pork and chicken. So, I knew the Butchery trade was calling!

In Navan, I trained up becoming a Master craft Butcher while learning everything about the butchery and retail side of the business. In 2004, we relocated to Ashbourne Co. Meath, where we created a larger, state of the Art Butcher shop.

We take pride in what we do!

We take pride in what we do here, working with only the best cuts of meat and creating multi-award-winning products on the national and international scene.

The butcher’s art requires a lot of skill. A Craft Butcher is able to break down a whole animal and respect it. He or she is able to make Sausages, Black Pudding, White Pudding, Dry Cured Bacon, Dry-aged meat, Pate etc.

We do all of these things without relying on mass production to make for us. We understand the whole process – something a supermarket doesn’t.

The quality and value from your local butcher are unmatched. We’re always wanting to learn more and create a more exceptional product, that’s why you may see Hugh or myself away. Always wanting to learn more.

We’re Artisan, Craft Butchers and we love what we do!


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