Introducing Mary-Jo, our in-house nutritionist!

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Please welcome Mary-Jo Maguire, our in-house nutritionist!

Hi guys, I’m Mary-Jo Maguire!

I am a nutritionist and will be guest blogging here, sharing tips and discussing topics around the vast amount of benefits that all types of meat can offer.

Growing up in a family business centered around quality food and produce it was only natural I ended up following a career dedicated to food and nutrition.

I have a BSc in Human Nutrition in UCD, and I am currently completing a MSc in Personalised Nutrition in the UK.

I always had a passion for healthy living, and I am a firm believer this starts at home.

Keeping it simple is key and a great place to start is your local butcher. For one you know that your meat is being sourced locally and to a top standard and you also know that meat is a nutrient dense food great for all the family.

As a nutritionist, I will be discussing topics around the vast amount of benefits that meat, poultry and more can offer. You can expect to find information on grass fed beef, bone broth and gut health, meat and children’s development, recipes and much more.

If you have any topics you would like covered or have any questions, send me a message in the comments below or send an email to!

Chat soon, MJ

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