Local delivery service for elderly & vulnerable

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Local delivery service for elderly & vulnerable

We understand that it can be difficult for many elderly or vulnerable people in our community at this time. With stockpiling/ panic buying making retail stores overcrowded.

We want to help!

We have decided to set up a local delivery service for the Ashbourne area.

How? Simply call our shop number at (01) 849 9919
Delivery dates: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Delivery Time: 3pm – 6pm

We will accept orders every day of the week. Preferably, take payment over the phone as it will be more hygienic. However, we understand not everyone will be able to, so we can take cash at delivery.

Again, we can only deliver to the Ashbourne & greater Ashbourne area and just for those who can’t risk shopping themselves.

Please share with those who it may benefit.



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