Ireland’s top 30 food experiences – the meals you’ll rave about

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They’re the meals you’ll rave about, the dishes you’ll order time and again, the ingredients you’ll never be without – and the tastes that will change your mind about ‘boring’ Irish cuisine.

Katy McGuinness guides you through the country’s unmissable eats.

#23 The Smokin’ Butcher’s Black Pudding

Why did nobody think of this before? Smoked food is always tastier than unsmoked, and we all know that black pudding is one of the best Irish food products there is.

Hugh Maguire combined the two to produce a delicious, innovative smoked black pudding – one of the few in Ireland to be made with fresh pig’s blood – that was named Supreme Champion at last year’s prestigious Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards, taking home the coveted Golden Fork.

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