How to Host the Ultimate Summer Garden Party

How to Host the Ultimate Summer Garden Party

by | May 18, 2022 | Family Recipes

The Irish summer is the best time of year to get out and enjoy the outdoors. People across the country love hitting the beach with the cool breeze, warm waters, and sand. In the evening why not have a few people over and enjoy some good music, food, and stories. Use the following suggestions to throw an enjoyable summer garden party.

Prepare a Guest List 

Estimating the number of guests you expect at your party will help with budgeting, venue selection, and cuisine planning. You don’t want to end up scrambling about for extra chairs and plates for your cousins plus one or the neighbour who decided to show up last minute without an invitation.

Depending on the magnitude of the party, you can send out “Save the Date” texts 2 to 3 weeks in advance and follow up with a confirmation containing the final details one week ahead of time.

Because many parties take place during the summer, double-check your guests’ holiday plans well before setting the date.


A summer garden party budget is just as crucial as a monthly grocery run or a housing budget. You want to know the amount of funds available to determine how much to spend on decoration, food, and alcohol. Of course, your budget must account for the number of guests you will be hosting, the party’s location, the type of food and drink you will provide, and other expenses.

Certain food and drinks can be costly, especially if purchased from a caterer, so cooking your own on a barbecue and making your own cocktails at home that you can serve instead would be advantageous.

Another suggestion concerns seats. You can ask friends and family who are attending to bring their own, or have a picnic-style event where everyone sits on a nice mat, which saves money on chair rental.

Set The Scene

It’s worth going the additional mile to make the summer garden party as enjoyable as possible. Choose a secluded spot in your garden where you and your guests can relax for at least a few hours.

Put up the decorations. A garden party is an excuse to get dressed in your best clothes and install some party decorations. That said, bear in mind that this is a garden celebration, so outdoor decor is the best. Flowers, balloons, and festoon lighting arrangements will undoubtedly put every guest in a festive mood.

Items such as glass drink bottles and paper straws are also good options for individuals who want to employ environmentally friendly alternatives. For the table, make sure to pick one that can comfortably seat the guests and that easily contain the spread of food and drinks.

Consider Having a Dress Code

If you’re hosting a fancier summer party, a dress code can help keep everything cohesive, ensuring the garden party is both elegant and pleasant. Summer chic, all-white, bold, and beautiful are just some of the dress codes to consider. However, you could also go for a themed bash like something rustic and elegant alfresco, bohemian, white-out, or even magical mermaid.

Plan Your Food and Drink Menu Well in Advance

It’s a good idea to organise your food ahead of time when throwing any party. Some of the party food and drink ideas include:

The Canapés

If you’d like to take your hosting to the next level, start out with some party nibbles. You could make crowd-pleasing tomato and pepper pork chops smoked back rashers. Alternatively, you could order some of our already prepared recipes. Our creamy mashed potatoes and smoked cheesy dogs are both visually stunning, pleasant to eat and easy to make. If you’d rather have a spicy snack, garlic baby potatoes are addictive and could also be used as a side dish to pretty much anything. 

The Meat Barbecue

Traditional Irish barbecue favourites always contain pork and beef, whether a burger or standard hot dog. We have a variety of burgers as well as items such as piri piri kebabs and lamb grill sticks to select from, all of which are prepared to please. Consider these batter-coated chicken goujons or garlic and herb chicken breast on the bone for a centrepiece that will be sure to go down a treat.


Imagine your guests delight when you serve some lean piri-piri turkey burgers, that have just the right hint of spice, along with a selection of sauces and some grilled burger buns. Or for the pickier eaters, beef burgers would be a suitable option accompanied by tomatoes, lettuce and cheese in between a burger bun.


Cocktails are the ideal summer drinks, and you can even set up a makeshift outside bar to make everything enjoyable for all the adults. If you’re entertaining a large gathering and don’t want to be left mixing drinks all day, consider buying some pre-mixed cocktails.

Don’t forget to purchase ice along with a good selection of non-alcoholic drinks, cordial or juice for the designated drivers, the kids as well as anyone else who doesn’t fancy consuming alcoholic.

Accommodate Your Guests’ Food Hypersensitivity and Choices

A great summer garden party host considers the guests’ dietary restrictions when preparing classic cuisine. Some people are allergic to certain foods, while others choose to be vegetarian. You may have to adjust your menu and prepare special meals on the spot to accommodate guests who have various dietary restrictions. 

There are various vegetarian barbecue recipes online to inspire you. For example, corn on the cob with cheese or some potato croquettes or our breaded garlic mushroom skewers will do just fine.

Don’t Forget The Music

Music helps lift the mood and get your guests dancing, especially the kids. Depending on your theme and guests, there are various genres to choose from. Just make sure to comply with the noise requirements to avoid getting into trouble with the neighbours. You could even invite them to join the party so they are not missing out and ensuring they won’t mind the noise. However, be considerate as you make merry.


Above are just some of our ideas and tips for hosting the perfect summer garden party. For more recipes and a greater selection of food, check out our website or visit us in store.  

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