How to cook the Perfect Rib Eye steak

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Hugh Maguire's Ribeye Steak with rosemary, pepper and salt on stone slate background

The Succulent Rib eye steak

The Ribeye, for many, is the holy grail of steaks. Succulent, tender and bursting with flavour. This cut comes from the rib section, hence it’s named. But it makes for a perfect cut and a very popular choice on Valentine’s day.

After all – Who doesn’t love a mouth-watering Irish Rib Eye steak?


  • 2 rib-eye steaks, 200g and 2cm thick (Dry Aged – optional).
  • One Tablespoon of Irish Rapeseed oil
  • One Tablespoon /25g Irish Butter
  • Garlic clove, chopped into chunks
  • A sprig of thyme or rosemary (optional)


  • Heat up the Irish Rapeseed oil over medium heat on a wide frying pan. It’s best to use a wide frying pan as you can cook both steaks at once. Once the oil is heated up, add the butter. When the butter starts to sizzle, carefully lay both steaks in the pan. Carefully place the garlic, thyme or rosemary to each side of the steaks.
  • Make sure not to leave the Steaks unattended. Each steak will take 4 mins in total for rare, 6 mins in total for medium and 8-10 mins for well done. The thickness of the steak will determine this, after cooking the steak for 2 minutes on one side, you should be able to judge this better.
  • If you like your steaks medium rare, it should feel like your cheek, Tender but fleshy. If you want a medium steak, touch your chin – still tender but with some resistance.
  • If you have a cooking thermometer, the temperature in the centre of the steak should be 50 degrees celsius for rare, 60 degrees celsius for medium and 70 degrees celsius for well done.
  • Once cooked – leave the rib-eye steaks to rest for at least 5 mins on a plate. While the steaks are resting, you can prepare the peppered sauce.

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