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Gut Health: The mind and body connection

It is becoming increasingly evident that there is a link between our gut and our overall health and wellbeing. You often hear the phrase “gut feeling” and ‘follow your gut instinct”. That’s because the mind and gut are connected and not just metaphorically. There are an intrinsic number of neurons, chemicals and hormones in the gut that are continuously providing feedback to the brain telling us when we are hungry, stressed, or if we have digested a foreign body that may potentially cause disease. When our gut health is out of whack we can feel out of sorts too.

Good bacteria/bad bacteria

Our guts are comprised of millions of tiny microbes, most of which are good bacteria when our guts are healthy. However, with the abundance of processed foods in the Western diet, antibiotics, drugs, and other harmful substances our gut microbiota can become imbalanced and shift to harbour more “bad bacteria”.  This is potentially damaging to our health and much research has been carried out discovering a link between gut damage and common Western diseases including acne, depression, weight gain, diabetes, Chrohns disease, celiac disease, IBS and many more.  Approximately 80% of our immune system is found in our gut so if you found yourself feeling run down, or experience flu like symptoms a great place to start healing yourself is to heal your gut. But how do we do this?

Heal your gut

Hugh Maguire is foreseeing the trends and realises the potential health benefits of healing our guts first. In his butchers now you can buy Carol’s stock market bone broths. This is an amazing product produced using quality local ingredients to make beef, chicken, vegetable stock and beef bone broth. Carol’s stock market pride themselves in making everything from scratch and were awarded for their efforts at Blas na hEireann and the prestigious Great Taste Awards.  These are a great addition to your kitchen particularly in winter, as you can add them to soups stews and many other dishes and drink beef bone broth as a restorative drink when you need that extra nourishment in a cup. To boost the healing properties to your soup you can 1-2tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Another great gut healing and immune repairing addition to your diet.

The bones from the free-range chickens and grass fed beef contain collagen, which when made into soup turns to gelatin and become more readily absorbable.  This gelatin contains amino acids which are essential for optimal immune function, healing and repair. The good fats in Carol’s stock and bone broth may help heal the gut allowing for quicker and more efficient absorption of minerals that are necessary for optimal immune function.  The veggies and herbs used are local and organic from White Oats Acorn Organic Farm. Hugh Maguire now stocks this product in the chilled section.

An alternative to buying stock and broth is making your own. Check out our blog this Wednesday as part of our Winter Series were we will have a nourishing homemade bone broth recipe for you to try out.

You feel what you eat

A healthy gut and healthy mind and body is the message here. Whether you’re a busy mum on the go, a college student or an avid gym goer, this product is for you. Hugh Maguire aims to be on top of the health food trends this winter and what better place to start to fight off them cold and flus than trying some of Carol’s stock range.  Your gut will thank you for it!

For more information on Carols stock products and business visit their website

Chat soon , Mj.

Mary-Jo Maguire. Nutritionist. BSc Human Nutrition.


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