Gastro Gays’ Chicken and Black Pudding en Croûte

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By Patrick Hanlon , Russell Alford.

Six-ingredient supper: The food bloggers and social media consultants on their throwback favourite

For those days when you have neither the time nor the patience for culinary masterpieces in the kitchen, this is our go-to. It is a fail-safe, simple and straightforward supper , with hardly any ingredients needed at all.

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It is comforting, quick and so satisfying. This is a little throwback too – chicken en croûte with the delicious addition of black pudding.

What you’ll need, and how to make it
Serves 2

2 free-range or organic skinless chicken breasts
100g black pudding, casing removed and crumbled (we like Inch House from Tipperary, The Smokin’ Butcher from Ashbourne or Kanturk from Cork here, but use whatever black pudding you fancy)
Knob of butter
Sheet pre-rolled, pre-made puff pastry
Large egg, beaten
Salt and pepper


Preheat the oven and a baking sheet to 200 Celsius. Using a pre-heated baking sheet will prevent against a soggy bottom here.

Melt a little butter or oil in a pan. Season chicken breasts generously and seal for minute or two on both sides, so the outside is ever so lightly browned. Remove from the pan and cool.

Bring the pastry to room temperature for about five minutes then unfurl it with the long side facing you and cut down the middle to make two pieces. Then, get the crumbled black pudding in a bowl with a soft knob of butter added and use your hands to mould it together. The pudding can go a bit dry, so the addition of butter helps keep it moist. Pop half of the mixture on each half of the pastry pieces.

Place a breast on top of the pudding on both pieces. Tuck it in if it’s too close to the edge. Ideally you want 1cm of space in order to seal the pastry up when you fold over the other side.

Using a pastry brush, egg wash along the edges of the pastry. Then fold the pastry over the chicken and black pudding, gently pressing down to seal, creating a little parcel. Be careful, as the pastry could tear. If this happens, a bit of patch work can be forgiven. Press the pastry down tight, and cut off any excess; remember you’re wanting about 1cm around the whole breast. Using a wet fork, crimp the edges to seal the layers together, or pinch them together.

Egg wash the top of the parcels, then with a sharp knife, cut three lines down the top of each.

Using a spatula, carefully lift the chicken and pudding parcels onto the pre-heated baking sheet and bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes. Serve with a dressed side salad, if you wish.

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