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Nobody has time to cook anymore.  This is a well known fact. We are all too busy living our hectic lives. That’s where we want to come in and try lessen that load with our top fit food seller.

We love preparing tasty , top quality food for you and your family to enjoy . However, this year , behind the leadership of myself Mary-Jo -the official in-house nutritionist ; I am steering a large proportion of our product range towards a more healthy , balanced and clean direction.

In-store you may notice that our HMB Fit Food Range is growing and growing but in todays post, lets focus on our top seller.

The Burrito Bowl.

Our burrito bowls are perfect for active people or even just health conscious people. There is zero fat and is

a high source of carbs and protein, giving you the energy to get through that football match, fitness class or to ace that presentation at work!

We include 100% lean turkey breast meat, a great source of protein. This turkey is laid on a bed of Strong Roots sweet potato fries. Sweet potato is a great source of fibre and has a lower glycemic load than traditional white potatoes. Also don’t forget the energy boost it gives you! This is then topped off with spinach, jalapeños, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese. All these toppings are bursting with antioxidants.

Did I mention that the burrito bowls are made fresh in-store everyday? This morning Domo has been flat out making burrito bowls for all you athletes out there 😉

So if you’re an athlete, a gym addict or a workaholic, a healthy meal is right at your finger tips at Hugh Maguires.

30 minutes at 180 degrees leaves you with a fast food meal without the sacrifice on quality.

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