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Dry aged steak

Is eating meat important ?

The benefits With more and more people trying out new trends like Veganism we feel its important to share the importance of meat in your diet. To start Veganism is; To refrain from consuming animal products, meat, eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived substances. The idea of eating meat is slowly in decline. Most people […]
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Winter – Stop being a Jerk.

Jerk Pork Belly It is cold, miserable and wet outside. Not all of us are loving the “January Salad” buzz and we still need a little fire in our bellies. That is exactly what this flavour filled recipe will do.. This jerk sauce is not only beautiful with pork belly, but it can be used […]
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Our Signature Spiced Beef

“Each year, once I smell those aromatic spices in late November – that to me is the first tell tale sign, its almost Christmas” –  Hugh Maguire. In the first two weeks of November, the silverside or topside of beef is cured by Hugh or William in Ashbourne. They cure the beef for almost 48 […]
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Top tips for a Safe Christmas

Top Tips for a safe Christmas. Over the past few weeks, Safe Food Ireland is pushing out the message about the importance of safe cooking around Christmas with their Christmas Food Safety Campaign. A survey of 1,001 adults carried out lst year on behalf of Safe food found that 27% of people have had Christmas […]
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Meet the farmers behind your free range Turkey and Geese!

Whether you are having the traditional turkey or maybe opting for the on-trend Christmas goose at this years festive feast, wouldn’t you feel better knowing where it comes from? And not just that, knowing that the animals are reared and raised in a traditional, natural environment that allows them to roam about freely.   Our […]
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Your local craft butcher is for life, not just for Christmas …

What is it that makes your local craft butcher so special at Christmas? Every year, thousands flood to their local craft butcher at Christmas time . It could be to pick up their sons favourite sausage meat or the contents of a tasty Christmas morning fry up . It might also be for some simple […]
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