Family Recipes

Smoked Black Pudding with Jerusalem artichoke

Smoked Black Pudding with charred onions & Jerusalem artichoke by Darina Allen We love this Recipe by Darina Allen which was published in the Irish Examiner. A beautiful combination of our Smoked Black Pudding, charred onions and Jerusalem artichokes – making for a delicious meal which serves up to 8 people. 4 medium onions, peeled […]
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Homemade Burgers – A family pleaser

Homemade Burgers When it comes to creating a convenient and cheap family meal, a simple homemade burger is a family pleaser. Burgers are great for those who are picky eaters – you can add what you like to them. Below we have a super easy homemade burger recipe, with some ingredients you might find in […]
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How to cook the Perfect Rib Eye steak

The Succulent Rib eye steak The Ribeye, for many, is the holy grail of steaks. Succulent, tender and bursting with flavour. This cut comes from the rib section, hence it’s named. But it makes for a perfect cut and a very popular choice on Valentine’s day. After all – Who doesn’t love a mouth-watering Irish […]
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Tupperware Thursday – Chicken Pesto Pasta

Chicken Pesto Pasta If you cant decide on what to make for lunch, Pasta is always a good go-to option. Add some sauce and a meat of your choosing and you have a wholesome & fulfilling meal. It also keeps perfectly in the fridge for the next day, while still tasting great! That’s why it’s […]
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Roast Ham for Christmas

Roast Ham for Christmas There are many ways to cook a ham. However, Its Christmas time, so you want to cook the perfect roast ham. A roast Ham for Christmas is a favourite of ours and for many families on Christmas day. With the right preparation, it can be a straight forward process. We recommend […]
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The Christmas Rib Roast

Rib Of Beef The rib of Beef or Rib roast is a classic choice for a Sunday roast. However, it’s becoming very popular for Christmas Day too. You might be surprised, but not everyone chooses the popular bird -Turkey. The Christmas Rib Roast, however, is an all-round favourite and a very succulent cut of Beef. […]
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