Family Recipes

Bone Broth, Asian Style – Winter Series Recipe

Lets warm up those bones … For our winter series this week, we are taking recipe inspiration from the Eastern part of the world. In Asian culture, soups and broths are part of everyday meals. A traditional Japanese breakfast would include a bowl of Miso Soup to warm the body. Chinese restaurants feature a long list of […]
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slow cooked beef stew

Slow Cooker Red Wine Beef Stew

Whats better than a warming winter beef stew? A warming winter beef stew with red wine thats what. Winter is well and truly upon us this week, with forecasts predicting more rainfall into the weekend. That means cosy days by the fire with warm and nourishing food to comfort us. The beauty about slow cooking […]
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Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

Are you missing the hot BBQ weather already? For our Winter Series this week, we are sharing a Summer favourite, winter style… tender, juicy, delicious, and versatile Pulled Pork made in the slow cooker — not on the barbecue. Ingredients 1 pork shoulder or pork butt (7 to 8 pounds with bone, 6 to 7 pounds if boneless) […]
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Turkey Crown Stuffed with Smoked Black Pudding & Apple, Mushroom & Slane Whiskey Sauce

As part of our Smokin’ Christmas Series 2018, today we’re sharing a wonderful turkey recipe with you. This Turkey crown stuffed with Smoked Black Pudding, apple, mushroom and Slane Whiskey sauce is deliciously festive and a wonderful alternative for your Christmas Dinner. Ingredients 1          Turkey Crown 4           Sprigs of […]
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Smoked Duck Salad with Beetroot, Figs and Smoked White Pudding

Set the mood for a festive dinner with this amazing starter smoked duck, with figs, beetroot, pine nuts and smoked white pudding! To set the mood and start our Smokin’ Christmas Series 2018, we’re sharing this festive and simple Smoked Duck salad that is the perfect starter for your Christmas dinner with the use of […]
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Healthy Halloween Treats

With Halloween just around the corner we can feel the chill in the air and the excitement among kids daring to trick or treat for the thrill of that oh so sweet sugar rush. Many of you may have parties and with the kids off for mid-term you may be stuck for some healthier options […]
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