Yes, Black Pudding is Healthy!

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Our award winning Black Puddings can be recognised as a healthy product too!

You may have heard that our Smoked Black Pudding won the Golden Fork at the Great Taste Awards in 2017 and that our traditional Black Pudding just won Silver at Blas na hEireann 2018.

They were not only great achievements for us, but also an acknowledgement that simple products as ours were considered the best among so many other high quality entries.

And on top of their distinguish smoky flavour or traditional taste, our Black Puddings can also be recognised as healthy products!

Black Pudding… healthy… really? You might be asking…

Well when ate in moderation, this traditional product, made for generations in Ireland and the UK from pigs’ blood, can provide a good source of protein, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Our puddings are made using real pig’s blood, pinhead oatmeal, pork and spices. This combination of ingredients means it’s a low carbohydrate option, a source of protein and natural animal fat.

The blood itself contains the same protein as found in eggs: albumin.

Protein helps us feel fuller for longer, build and repairs muscle, maintains normal function of the immune and hormonal system.

It also contains readily absorbable iron, which is easily transferred to cells in our body, giving us oxygen and energy.

Anyone who is suffering or at risk for anaemia, needs excellent sources of iron in the diet, which can be found in our smoked and traditional black puddings.

Pork meat and fat are also essential ingredients of our black pudding.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, fat used to get a bad rep but when consumed from whole and natural sources like whole-foods, animals and plant food, it’s starting to be recognized for its health benefits.

As written in the Open Heart Journal, when people replaced high fats with carbohydrates a number of consequences relating to heart health were observed including, increased cholesterol (the bad kind), increased inflammation, impaired glucose tolerance, higher body fat and weight gain amongst some.

On the other hand, the latest research shows that saturated fats exert several health benefits including, building blocks of hormones and cell membranes, necessary for the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K, some may lower cholesterol levels, optimal brain function, increased satiety (fullness) and many more.

So, the message here is… don’t be afraid of eating natural fats, when consumed along a balanced diet of fruit, veg, whole-grains and protein sources it can provide health benefits.

Finally, pinhead oatmeal added to the black pudding is a great source of fibre in the diet which helps keep our digestive system moving and can lower cholesterol.

So, there you have it, our simple black puddings made from traditional methods and with real pork, are not only tasty but a healthy source of protein, iron, fats and other minerals that will keep yourself and your family healthy this winter.

Meat up your salad with our smoked black pudding, add it to tomato based pasta dishes, or crumble into soups or mashed potatoes for a tasty alternative to keep everyone happy this winter.

And don’t forget… if you have any topics you would like covered or have any questions, send me a message filling the form below!

Chat soon, MJ


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