Let’s talk Provenance, Heritage and Artisan

Let’s talk Provenance, Heritage and Artisan 7 min read When anybody approaches me with an artisan product, I immediately look beyond the physical aesthetics’ of the product in front of me. Instead I dive headfirst into the nuts and bolts of the product –...

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Food on the Edge, October 2017

Food on the Edge, October 2017  This October, My Dad’s journey with his recent award winning Smoked Black Pudding, brought him to the West of Ireland. Just outside of Galway City, Hugh and Caroline rubbed shoulders with the best in the business at the annual...

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What percentage of Pork are you getting in your Sausages?

Back to basics 5 min read Sausage making is my favourite part of butchering. My first experience of sausage making was in Mick Byrne’s, Butchers on West Street, Drogheda, Co. Louth. There was a large block where 6/7 butchers were working and once a week the pigs were...

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The Story of ‘the Smokin’ Butcher’

My Tuscany travels 5 min read I have a great love for Italian cooking. The whole concept is simple and easy. Fresh ingredients using local grown vegetables and olive oil. In 2014 we travelled to Tuscany to visit a very famous butcher, Dario Cecchini who has a great...

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The Travelling Butcher from Ashbourne

Experiences I gained across Europe and America I have a curious nature and I love to travel and explore all the possibilities in butchery. I have travelled to many parts of Europe particularly and I have found some very interesting concepts that I have adapted for use...

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The Start of My Butchering Journey

Upbringing My childhood began on a medium sized Co. Meath farm at a place called Wintergrass, Bellewstown, Co. Meath approx. 5km south of Drogheda. My parents were both born in Co. Leitrim and my father moved to Co. Meath at the age of 12. My upbringing was a mix of...

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Do you know where the barbeque idea originated?

Boston, New York, Washington and Philadelphia Back in l987 I travelled to America with some friends and we visited Boston, New York, Washington and Philadelphia. We stayed with friends and family connections along the way and as money wasn’t all that plentiful we were...

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