Check out our Catering Ideas for any Family occasion!

We are all very aware of the importance of these celebrations in the lives of our children.

Parents, teachers and the local Priests play a very important role in the lives of children for Holy Communion and Confirmation. It is a memorable occasion and has to be well rehearsed and a lot of work and effort is employed to get to the day of the Celebration.

When all the necessary shopping is finished and everyone is complete with new clothes, shoes and all the other bits and pieces that are needed, Mam & Dad’s attention turns to the food and what plan is to be put in place for that special occasion.

Therefore the local Craft Butcher has also a big role to play. Here at Hugh Maguire’s Butchers we give careful consideration to Menu planning and a variety of offerings to suit all food tastes.

Every family will make a different decision about the meal after the celebration.

Some families much prefer to forget about fussing and just go to a Restaurant. Others would prefer to make a special meal at their home. Personally I always like catering at home and you could invite more people back to your home as the cost of eating out is much more prohibitive. Although, I can appreciate why people make that choice to eat out as it eliminates a lot of stress.

Children also feel more at home and they can run freely as children do. Whilst in a restaurant or hotel there is a need to keep children somewhat under your thumb because other guests may not be impressed to watch children running all over the place.

We have various options available. We have “Ready Made” options through to the conventional Turkey & Ham/Roast beef/Pork. We can also provide Artisan Breads like Sour Dough bread, Baguettes, Multi seed and plain brown. Here are the “ Ready Made” Options:

    • Homemade Lasagne (2.7kg) cater for 8 adults
    • Shepherds Pie (2.7kg) cater for 8 adults
    • Chicken Curry (2.5kg) cater for 8 adults
    • Beef Stroganoff (2.7kg) cater for 8 adults
    • Catering Rice also available.

As I always advise the greatest success in entertaining is achieved through been organised and planning ahead. Make a list of all your requirements.   Do your shopping a few days ahead of the event but always leave the fresh meat and salads till the last day. As these are very perishable, they need refrigeration.

Why don’t you call in and talk to any of the Team for advice and guidance. We will be happy to help you!